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Learn By Doing

With the exception of English, all our programs follow the same approach of learn by doing. Though, for second language learners, to some degree so does our English program, as our focus is on you speaking. We use online platforms that will allow you to complete unlimited practice exercises in mathematics, computer science and programming. These exercises will track your progress and provide feedback statistics which will evaluate your learning by identifying and correcting any weaknesses in it.

This is a very powerful tool which helps us to constantly monitor any specific areas that require extra focus  in order to ensure a successful understanding of all content. This, in turn, will allow you to feel as well prepared and confident as possible before your exams begin.

Beyond the Books

Our environment is the Internet. This is the place where we can meet, where all of your lessons can take place. We can help you select your preferred video platform, such as Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom, and then you’ll be ready to start your first live / online class.

We will then support you by managing the entire process of your choice through the instant and detailed statistical data we can gather from your practice exercises and homework, which will allow us to fill  in any gaps in your learning.


How To Register for Virtual Education

In three simple steps you can register and start your online learning experience.

Call For Inquiry (UK)

(020) 7263-2558

(07) 810-596-762

Call For Inquiry (Thailand)

(096) 653-7514

Mail For Inquiry



Inquire using the contact information left, or the contact form below.


Decide with Virtual Education on your chosen plan. Individual or group lessons are both available.


Book a lesson time through the calendar. Depending on your choice of study plan you can book a single lesson or a repeated time.



Academic Pursuits

Choose from any of the academic pursuits below to start your online education journey.


English - As a First or Second Language

Whether you are studying at a school where English is a first language or you are an English as a second language learner, we have you covered. I started teaching English over 20 years ago and have journeyed around the world teaching both children and adults. I have taught at Universities, High Schools, Private Schools and have taught many students privately. I have experience teaching in general, business and IELTS English.


Learn by doing. Mathematics concepts will be explained and then you will learn by doing so that you are fully prepared for any exam papers you are going to meet. We will manage your journey from start to finish. Request to see degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Design & Animation

Print or web design and 2d or 3d animation. learn the concepts behind the practical work then apply it by learning how to use the necessary software to complete practical work.


Computer Science & Programming

Perhaps you are preparing for a computer science exam or simply wish for some extra curriculum activity, or you wish to learn HTML / CSS / Javascript or the basics of programming. We can guide you through with concept explanation and more than enough exercises with instant feedback. 


Here is why I am able to teach you.



Please request to see my TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Overseas Learners) or my Teaching English to Young Learners certificate.


Please request to see my degree in Artificial Intelligence & Cybernetics which required mathematics skills up to Calculus 3.


Design & Animation

Please request to see my certificate for 2d animation or my degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) in which I studied advance 3d animation using Maya software.

Computer Science & Programming

Please request to see my degree in Artificial Intelligence & Cybernetics which studied Computer Science and Programming.

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